Personal identification will be required at registration for us to process your entry, e.g. ID book or driving licence.

Under no circumstances may someone take part under another rider’s name. This is for safety should you require medical assistance as the details supplied on race entry will be used in an emergency, i.e. medical conditions, allergies, blood type etc.


The Sani Dragon is a CSA Sanctioned event. If you have an annual CSA Licence you must bring your CSA card with you and show it at registration otherwise we will have to ask you to pay the CSA Temporary Licence fee for both days of the event.

If you do not have an annual CSA Licence you will be required to pay the CSA Temporary Licence fee for both days at registration.

The CSA Temporary Licence fee is R35 per day, cash payments only.


For all teams and solo riders in the Dragon you will not need your passport during the ride on Day 2 as we have obtained special dispensation from the Station Commander at the SA border Post to allow you through unhindered.

Any spectators will need passports and must check in at the SA Border Post on their way up and back down the pass. We would request however that, out of respect to the riders, vehicular traffic is kept to a minimum.


At registration you will be issued with a Sani Dragon number board. The number boards will be collected from you at the finish line on the end of Day 2.